Winthrop Gold Talent Exposure I and II

115 minutes,  finish the out.  Games can end in a tie.
NSA Rules.   11 batters max.   No base bandits.   You can run for the pitcher and catcher with someone not in the game or the last batted out.
Two team coolers will be permitted.  Coolers will be banded.
Do not bring food and drink in.

Play along side the college TEAMS!

We will be taking the first 12 to 15 teams to pay for these 2 events.   Each team will get four pool games.  All games will be at Winthrop University Softball Complex.   Here are some of the teams from the past, UNV South Carolina, USC Sumpter, Winthrop U, Gardner Webb U, Phieffer, Winston Salem State, Aiken Tech, Surry CC College, Erskine, Presbyterian College, Wingate, U GA.
Lees McCrae. 


Make sure that are a registered NSA team, and have your insurance copy and roster with you.

Most College  teams are running scrimmages and or practices, thus it is difficult to get them to events in Sept/Oct.   We are bringing you to them!

  • Balls will be furnished

  • Reasonable gate fees

  • Metal Cleats are allowed

  • All dugouts have covers

  • Clean Restrooms

  • Snack bar

  • 4 Top notch fields with a protective net overhead

  • Close parking

  • 4 coaches passes will be provided

  • $285.00 if you are paying by check.

Pay Now using Paypal, Please note Paypal charges an $8.00 fee for this service.

No Refunds for teams that pull 7 days prior to the start of the event.
In the event of bad weather every effort will be made to get every team at least a minimum number of 3 games. These fields drain well....  and normally can be brought back up fairly quickly.

    A B C D
Red Pool  Heat FP (mike)  S. Slammers (Frye)  Cobras (Hensel) Vipers Select
Blue Pool L N. Warriors  McDowell Blaze   Jets  Heat (Green)
Green Pool 3rd Degree Car. Elite (Helms) The Force  Foothill Phantoms 
Black Pool Brampton (Can) Crush (Corn) NC Bombs  S Slammers (Hawkins)
  Field A Field B Field C Terry Field Times Terry F
9:00 A vs B A vs B A vs B 10:00 USC Salkehactchie
10:30 A vs B C vs D C vs D   Queens
12:00 C vs D C vs D B vs C 12:00 USC Salkehactchie
1:30 B vs C B vs C B vs C   Limestone
3:00 D vs A  D vs A  D vs A  2:00 Queens
4:30 D vs B D vs B D vs A    Winthrop
6:00 4:00 Surry CC
        6:00 Surry CC
    Sunday     Winthrop
  Field A Field B Field C   Terry F
9:00 D vs B D vs B C vs A 9:30 Montreat
10:30 B vs B B vs B C vs A   Queens
12:00 D vs D D vs D C vs C 11:30 Limestone
1:30 C vs C A vs A A vs A   Montreat
3:00 C vs A C vs A   1:30 Limestone
3:30 USC Upsate
App State
Montreat 5:30 USC Upstate 
App State Winthrop






Prepayment is required to hold your spot.
mail checks to
Jim Allen
13301 damson dr
huntersville nc 28078

NCAA Teams to date for Gold I
Lees McRae
APP State

Teams Coming GOLD I
Sept 27th  - Sept 28th




NCAA Teams to date For II
Winthrop University
Queens University
Surry CC
Montreat College
APP State
USC UpState

Teams Coming to Gold II
Oct 4th and 5th
1. Lake Norman Warriors PD
2. MSA Cobras (Hensel) PD
3. Foothill Phantoms  PD

4. McDowell Blaze  PPD
5. Brampton (Canadian)*
6. 3rd Degree PD
7. Sandhills Slammers (Frye) PDD
8. Crush (Corn) PD
9. Sandhills Slammers (Hawkins)PDD
10. Jets PDD
11. The Force PPD
12. Carolina Heat FP (mike)PPD
13.Carolina Elite (Helms) PPD
14. Carolina Heat (Green)
15. Vipers Select PPD
16. NC Bombs PPD